Colorado Has My Heart (from a Texas girl)

It’s no secret that Colorado is my favorite state.

I’ve lived in Texas for MOST of my life (with a few years in the northeast as a child…. yes, my mom is a yankee).  And don’t get me wrong, I do love Texas.  Lots of Texas pride and I fully embrace my country roots.  After all, it is rodeo season!!

But……. I’m enamored by mountains.  In every season, not just ski season.  I love mountain biking, and our team Colorado trip this past summer was amazing.  And it’s not just the awesome trails, either.  I mean, Houston has okay trails, but of course nothing like CO.  I think the general atmosphere and attitude of the people there is what seals the deal.  I mean, everyone is constantly outside!  With their dogs.  And smiling.  Um…. yes please!  Can we all agree that “The Sky Runner” and Sky herself would thrive in the Rockies?!?

Anyway…. this past weekend, a couple friends and I were weekend warriors and headed to the mountains to get in some skiing (snowboarding for me).  We arrived late Thursday night and pretty much skiied all day (and night skiing, too) Friday and Saturday.  This was only my third trip ever snowboarding, and I have to say I was really proud of how well I did!  I totally have my turns down and all that jazz.  Night skiing was a little intimidating, but it was fine once I realized that my goggles were preventing me from actually seeing anything.  Haha



Then, on Sunday, we went for a hot air balloon ride.  Coolest.  Thing.  Ever.

I wasn’t even nervous whatsoever (maybe I’m crazy).  It was all so surreal, and felt like I was in the movie Up.  Haha.  We also hit up the Red Rocks amphitheater before heading out to catch our plane home (tear).



Anyway, if I wasn’t sure before, I’m definitely sure now that I’m MOVING to Colorado.  Soon.  And I have an interview this week for a position in Denver.  I’m dying to get out of Houston – wish me luck!




  1. Good luck with the job interview! My wife is from Colorado (Louisville, near Boulder) and I love when we go visit. I understand your live for it.


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