Rodeo Cookoff & 14.1 Second Attempt

So I ended up going to the Houston rodeo cookoff this weekend with some friends – it was totally fun!  Great times with friends, music, and lots of beer 🙂  And Kevin Fowler was playing – unfortunately I was pretty drunk by the time he came on, but I was there!



I also completed the Open 14.1 workout for the second time today during lunch…… my intention going into it was to switch between clean & jerks, power snatches, and regular snatches….. but once I got going, I kind of completely lost my strategy.  I didn’t do so hot on my double unders (I dropped the rope before I even started), but I paced myself better on the snatches, opening up my hips for more power, and although IT WAS COMPLETELY HORRIBLE doing it twice, I would say it was worth it because I improved by 20…. so 4 completed rounds + 20 double unders = a score of 200.  Whew.  I’m just glad to say I know that’s the best I can do!

I meal prepped like a beast last night, and my fridge is stocked with pre-portioned food for a least 3-4 days.  Can’t wait to buy this season’s swimsuit 🙂



  1. Nice work on 14.1! I dropped the rope several times, but considering I didn’t know how to do double unders when the announcement was made, I wasn’t expecting too much! I made it through 3 rounds, so I’l take it! The houston rodeo looks so fun too! Makes me excited for summer here!


  2. Awesome job on 14.1! I really should’ve tried to strategize my clean & jerks but I just went into it thinking I’ll do what I can. The c&Js were very slow but that’s ok. It’s done… on to 14.2!


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