Resting Stresses Me Out

Ugh.  So tomorrow is the crossfit comp.  And yes, I’m really excited.  But, like all races or competitions I’ve done in various sports, it always stresses me out to figure out what’s the acceptable level of “rest” leading up to the day of the event.  This morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy-tailed around 4:30am to finish up something for work, and then head to 6am crossfit to complete 14.3.

You see, at first I was worried about working out the day before the crossfit comp, but I figured (last night before bed) that if I worked out early in the morning rather than tonight, it would be fine.  14.3 seems pretty tame, anyway.   But then, the more I thought about it, the more I worried that I would screw myself over by working out hard today and then being really sore tomorrow.  And then I would let my partner down.  UGH!

If I had it my way, I would just work out whenever I felt like it without regard to any “peaking” or “resting” before competitive events.  It seriously stresses me out having to alter things!  I always have felt the same way regarding bike races, too.  Grr.

So instead, I guess I’m going to just feel like a lump on a log today.

Oh, and quick recap on 14.2……… Last weekend, since I was out of town snowboarding, I could only complete 14.2 on Monday night right before the deadline.  I’ve never really done chest-to-bar pull-ups before, so I figured that if I even got 3, I would be happy.  Well, I got through the first round of OH squat AND c2b without an issue!  I completed the second set of OH squat fine as well.  But then, with 50 seconds left to complete the last set of 10 c2b before moving on to the sets of 12, I wasn’t able to get a single rep of c2b 😦  I just couldnt get my chest all the way touching (damn you small boobs), so I ended up with a score of 30…. Better than I expected, but kind of awful overall.  Haha.  Anyway, I’m proud I did the first 10 c2b without any issue!  Add that to my workout routine!

Happy weekend-to-be.


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