Can’t I Just Open a Cupcake Shop and Be Done With It?



Every day, a million thoughts run through my head about potential business ideas.  I take note of any daily inconvenience, looking for a market need… I ask people questions about what would make their lives a little easier… I dream of someday selling homemade goodies in a storefront.. I’m so obsessed with entrepreneurship.  And honestly, now is the time I need to take full advantage of my youth and lack of family & kids.  And I could totally do something “on the side” right now whilst keeping my current job.  Because goodness knows I need that paycheck stability at the moment.  UGH but if only I could find the “right” idea!

Yeah yeah I know…. entrepreneurs don’t wait for the perfect opportunity, they make it…. I’m not afraid to dive in.  But I don’t want some “as seen on TV” product or scam.  I want something (a product or a service) that resounds with people, that I can build trust and relationships with… something that makes people’s lives better and happier.  Really right now I think it would be perfect to get involved with a small start-up that’s at it’s roots still and help them.  Learn the ropes and gain valuable experience with how to get something off the ground.

I’m not going to list all of my previous business ventures, but I have pretty much had this mindset from the start.  From lemonade stands to making antenna balls to sell at craft shows, to selling makeup and health products.  I even helped build the Lemonade Day program in College Station, which teaches elementary school kids how to run a micro business.  I love it.  But I don’t want in on some pyramid scheme…. I want something I can really be passionate about and put in 100%.  Because I would.  I would quit my job and do this full time.  I just need the right idea.



  1. Pray for God to show you what to do. Im serious. Take this from a non holy roller but very strong faith filled woman. I am here to tell you that He anawers prayers always. Do it. Pray for direction. Trust me. You dont know me at all but you need to trust me. I am the catalyst you have been waiting foe to shake things up. Pray to God for direction. And let me know when He responds. Ill be waiting.


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