Day 3 and CX Series

Today is Day 3 of the nutritional (paleo) challenge.  I have to admit I’m struggling – not because I want a piece of break or glass of milk (at least not the point of considering it).  It’s little things like fruit.  We are only allowed one serving of fruit per day… but honestly I am craving it every meal and for snacks.  Sigh.  Already my meat and veggies seems lifeless and boring.   Also, the lack of being able to use sauses and salad dressings.  I could feast on a ceasar salad all day every day, except i’m not allowed the cheese, croutons, and dressing.  So I’m staring at a bowl of romaine.  Joy.


Tonight is our first cyclocross race of the 6-race series.  Wish me luck!  I’m going for podium for the series.  Hopefully I can make it every week.

PS – I caught myself looking up paleo blueberry muffin recipes.  I’m a wreck.



  1. Good luck! I have a friend who is doing his first race this weekend!

    Stay strong with the challenge. The first few days are going to be tough, but the sugar cravings will be the first thing to pass. Learn to love your spices, they will make meat and veggies way more exciting.


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