Bike Races & Last Meals

Today I did a mountain bike race for the first time in probably 6+ months.  Totally fun!  I got 5th and never got off my bike.  Super hot, and the course was super sandy.  There’s another one in-state in 2 weeks and I’m going to plan on that one too.  

Tomorrow, my gym starts another paleo-esque challenge and I just returned from the grocery store with only paleo-approved food, so you know what that means.  The rules:  40 days of strict paleo, with one cheat meal and one cheat “night” per week.  The cheat night is basically for alcohol lol, but I may use that one towards a second cheat meal 😉

I’ll get weighed in and measured tomorrow, so I’ll post those “before” stats then.  If you go back to one of my VERY first blog posts on here, it was when I attempted a strict paleo challenge (also with this crossfit box).  So, I know the rules, and I know how my body reacted the first time lol.  I also know that it feels amazing to eat “whole” foods.  Just gotta get past the initial carb flu!!!

Wish me luck ~



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