Carb Flu and Dehydration

So I think it’s a bit early to say I’ve got “carb flu,” but it might make sense. That, or dehydration, or both. I’ve eaten really well the past 2 days with little to no carbs, and the 2 days before that I ate hardly anything at all. This is after 2 weeks of eating out for every meal (business trip) (not saying everything was unhealthy, but a lot of breads). Today, after my Fight Gone Bad and another fight gone bad at the AT&T/T-Mobile stores, I came back, made lunch, showered, and PTFO. I’ve woken up feeling really sluggish and my head hurts. And a little weak. Which reminds me of carb flu when I was doing the strict paleo challenge. In a way, I kind of appreciate the feeling because it must mean I’m making my body adjust to wholesome foods again. No real cravings have happened yet, but I bet around Day 4 they’ll come up. I’m drinking as much water as possible and spending my Labor Day mostly in bed. I know this is worth it!!!


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