The Road to Debt-Free

You know, it’s amazing how powerful you can feel after making a goal and setting up the baby steps towards that goal. Even without making any physical progress, it means something to feel in control of the situation, rather than helpless. I’m talking about debt here, not losing weight, but I imagine this observation applies to both.

My first step of liberation was physically cutting up my credit cards. No, I don’t have a ridiculous amount of credit card debt, but the option of “I’ll just charge it since I don’t really have the cash and pay it with my next paycheck” is NOT the right behavior for someone with large amounts of outstanding loans! No more – if I don’t have the cash NOW, I’m not buying it.

Next, I’m shopping around for different phone and car insurance providers which admittedly is a pain in the butt but I’m committed to sacrificing some for the extra money which is going STRAIGHT to 1) setting up an emergency fund and 2) paying off debt.

Then, I’m considering a variety of options for living expenses. I could live at home ($1000/month savings!) but my commute would be a trafficy 100 miles per day and so I need to take into account the cost of gas, tolls, and my TIME. Time is money, after all. 😉

In addition, I’m committing to cook and eat at home ALL THE TIME. This includes packing lunch for work every day and refusing to pick up fast food or eat out no matter how tired I am. This may be my biggest struggle, but I’m logging everything (see my “Paleo sort of” page) and think that will help!

Finally is this blog. By openly discussing these things and setting goals in the public eye, I will feel more motivated and accountable. Even if it’s to 1 reader per post 😉

Have a wonderful night!



  1. Nice article! I think you have that fire in your gut that people need to win with money. People don’t get out of debt or build wealth by accident – they do it by taking the bull by the horns and taking action. Keep up the nice work on the blog and your budgets!


    • Thanks Alex. I’m pretty determined! Tired of feeling broke by accident – would rather feel broke on purpose,temporarily, & with a plan!


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