Weekend Fun

It’s the weekend!  Woohoo!

I have a list of disclaimers in my mind, but disclaimers are really just filler for your own self-consciousness, so I’m going to leave them out.  Plus, I have a bad headache and so am going to keep this post short.

This morning I took my dog, Sky to a HUGE dog park about 20 minutes from my house.  It’s really an awesome park, but we’ve only been there a few times because it is so far and there are other parks 5 minutes away.  However, this one has 3 essential things:  1) a huge, clean swimming pool for dogs; 2) an awesome trail that runs around the park; and 3) a dog-washing station with hoses.  I wanted to run with Sky off-leash (soooo much more fun), so we went there and ran about 4 miles (7 laps).  It’s so much fun running there because even though there are tons of dogs/people to distract, Sky follows me the entire time!  Several people complimented us, and one guy (who had to weigh 300 lbs) caught me when I stopped to ask for advice about how to start jogging with his dog.  He recently completed his first 5K and wanted to start getting in shape.  It was refreshing to talk to him, really.  Although his comment, “I was scared to talk to you because you must get hit on here all the time,” kinda made me feel weird.  Lol, hit on?  What does that imply, was he hitting on me?  Um no.  Lol.

Can someone please let me quit my job and just work out all the time?

Okay… I had more, but my headache is only getting worse.  Tonight I am going to watch the Aggie game (WHOOP) with some friends.

Happy Saturday!


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