“Fight Gone Bad” Gone Bad.


First time back at crossfit this morning.

Fight Gone Bad.

I’ve done it once before and already knew I was in for a world of pain, but was hoping I could push through with the help of my 2 weeks at 7000ft (natural blood doping?).  Not the case.  Our 100 degree, 100% humidity weather did me in.  Final score: 193, which is worse than my 215 last time (when I was still pretty new to crossfit).  Left the gym literally thinking I could throw up on the walk to my car.  What a way to get back into the groove of things!

Today’s plan:  Eat something healthy for recovery; Call back the dealership and break the bad news that no, I’m not buying my dream car today; Go to T-Mobile and AT&T and switch networks if it saves me $40/month like I think; possibly go to the zoo with my family; get some stuff done around the house and maybe for work.

Happy Labor Day!


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