People say that we put up our own walls, that we place ourselves in boxes and live imprisoned by the boundaries we ourselves created.  I believe it.

Something I’ve been struggling for almost 2 years now – as long as I’ve had this blog – is the balance between personal details and broadly spoken subjects in my blog posts.  I find comfort in the amount of anonymity I have here, but another part of me thinks I hold myself back by trying to restrict my content, and by keeping my blog relatively off the charts.  If you haven’t noticed, my blog is a bit bare. At some point last year I went through past posts and deleted a lot, because I felt like some of my content was too personal.  I created the domain for intentionaltwenties.com to replace skyrunnerblog.com because I envisioned transforming this little blog into something bigger than my own experiences.  If you try either website link, you’ll see that they take you to the exact same site, and my site is still titled “sky runner blog.”  Almost every day I have blog post ideas, but rarely do I publish them anymore… I can’t decide my angle.  Part of me thinks that I need to go ahead and open up, and the other tells me to protect my own privacy.  

Does anyone have any feedback about transforming a small personal blog into a resourceful website with a variety of content and possibly additional authors?  I feel really stuck here and I would appreciate any commentary! 



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  1. It’s really a delicate balance, isn’t it? I fling caution to the wind and let ‘er rip. I do, however, keep it pretty simple as well. I stifle content about politics that I’d like to write about and stay away from many others based on hysteria surrounding sexism and racism because the game is rigged against real conversation… Every once in a while I wade into the murky waters with a recovery post, something near and dear to my heart but balancing the anonymity with actually writing something of value (not just silly topics that make the sheeple nod like bobble heads) is often pretty tough.

    Stick with it and don’t sweat the small stuff. Good luck. 😎

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