Houston Flooding

houston flood

Indeed, the Houston weather has been crazy.  We’ve had pretty constant rain this year, but I don’t think a single Houstonian was prepared for what happened Monday night.  Within hours pretty much every bayou/lake/hole overflowed with water as the result of heavy heavy rainfall.  People were stranded, cars were abandoned, and some really weird things happened such as dumpsters and even a reported casket flowing in the flood waters.  Check out some of the pictures, several of these shots are just a couple miles from my house!  http://www.weather.com/safety/floods/news/houston-flooding-wildest-images

Unfortunately, I didn’t get through the ordeal completely dry.  While I was safe at home in my bed (waking up every hour from the storm, and stressing myself out about my home power outage.. “I just went grocery shopping!  All of my food will go bad!”) little did I know that the waters were getting higher and higher in my own neighborhood.  I live less than a half mile from the bayou, but I’ve also lived here for a year without any sort of water problem.  Well… some of the best lessons learned are also expensive lessons learned.  My car, which was parked on the street along with several others, took on a bit of water.  This news hit me as I was getting into my car to leave for work…..  only to find standing water in my vehicle.  By then (about 6:30am) the streets had no flood waters, so who knows how much higher the water had gotten before I saw it.

So I “got” to have a 5 day weekend… spent the day cleaning out cars with my boyfriend… and trying to deal with insurance.  What a game…  It’s been 3 days since the incident and my car still won’t be seen by the adjustor for another week.  Did someone say mold?  :/

All in all, I cannot complain…. there were people much worse off than me. And while I will not have my car for at least another few weeks, and there is a chance it will be deemed a total loss, for now I am borrowing a car from my parents.

I hear the rain is continuing on tonight…. wish us luck here in H-town!


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  1. I had the pleasure of experiencing some good old Texas hospitality for the first time this year as I ran the Houston Marathon on a glorious day this January. I saw what a beautiful and vibrant community this is. I am saddened and horrified by what has happened this week. But, Houstonites (is that a word?) are strong and will come together and overcome this tragedy.

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