Vivid Dreams

The last few nights I’ve been having some really weird/vivid dreams, and the craziest part is that I can remember them. Every piece of the dream comes from something going on in my life right now. In one part of last night’s dream I was food prepping. Haha.. But bigger things in the dreams too.
I’m unable to sleep anymore…. My legs are so sore from the last 2 days…. I’m tired and stressed out and happy in some ways and sad in others. Probably typical for anyone at any point in their life.
This sounds really random, but I’ve been kind of longing to get a tattoo. I’ve kind of always been open to the idea, and lately I’ve been like, I think I could do it. Nothing crazy or big or weird. Something artsy and discreet and meaningful. I dunno, I go through phases.
Today… I have plans but I don’t have anything I absolutely HAVE to go do. Unlike most things, and I’ve been so incredibly spread thin with a million things going on (I think last weekend I drove 400 miles)… So I wouldn’t mind taking a day to re-juice, maybe clean around the house and do laundry…. Maybe meal prep like my dream inferred. Haha.



  1. Tattoos are a tough call, especially on a woman. Being a guy is a little easier – as long as they cover with a dress shirt or golf shirt you’re good. Women, on the other hand are afforded the ability to show a lot more skin, socially. I can tell you, I have never been sorry for getting my tattoos but at the same tune mine cover when I’m properly dressed. Make sure tasteful also had to do with location – or you may very well end up regretting getting one. My goal was tattoo without the “punk” label that rightly comes with them. I have five now, every one covers with a short sleeve golf shirt (well, longer short sleeves).


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