14.1 Results (first attempt)

Tonight I completed the 14.1 workout:

10:00min AMRAP
30 DUs
15 power snatch 55lbs


I actually did the first 29 double unders unbroken (damn that last one!) but the snatch weight got pretty hard. I ended up with 4 rounds even – a score of 180. Seeing as how some of the elite athletes are completing 7 and 8 rounds, this isn’t awesome, but so far I’m #2 at my gym (2nd to a coach who’s been crossfitting and competing for years). So I feel pretty good about it!!! If I have time, I’m going to do it again to see if I can improve my reps. I’m thinking maybe half a round more, but that’s probably my max.

Fun stuff!! How did y’all do?




  1. Awesome job!! I ended up with 268 reps…I probably have 300 at least in me if I redid it and mixed clean and jerks in there but Ithink I’m one and done this year (first time)


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