Back on the Grind

I am happy to say that I am back at it – every muscle in my body is sore and I have accomplished a completely 50/50 bike to crossfit ratio this week!


Monday – 1 hour trainer time + crossfit
Tuesday – crossfit
Wednesday – 1.5 hr team trainer sesh
Thursday – crossfit
Friday – ???? (probably going to crossfit during lunch)

It feels good to be physically exhausted.  And my abs hurt, oh man.  So many planks and russian twists but it’s worth it.

This weekend, I really want to go camp in Austin for a night and hike with my dog.  We share see – the weather is cooperating at least!  Other things going on –

Team ride Saturday morning (I could use the miles, and weather will be gorgeous)
Double/Triple under clinic Saturday afternoon (triple unders?!?!?)
Huntsville mountain biking ride Sunday morning (I love riding there, it’s a fast course)
Monday……….. nothing yet! (I’m off work)




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