I had a late night last night downtown, but managed to get to my 8am ride. It was GORGEOUS out and perfect temperature (although a tad windy), so I’m glad I didn’t miss out. I did 60 miles (some actually did a century but I had plans at 1) and felt pretty good the entire time. Not even once dropped off or yo-yo-ed. I point this out because team rides usually entail me being the only girl and at the mercy of Cat 1 guys. But today was a tempo and we had some tri folks out there so slight advantage 🙂
Anyway, I felt strong for the fact that I’m hardly putting in the miles for long rides lately. I think my trainer time is really paying off.
I’m super excited for tomorrow.. Well, there’s the chance I’ll be out on a boat with a girl friend (which would be pretty fun/awesome) but I’m really excited cuz tomorrow I’m gonna work on building up a commuter bike, and
my coach said I could come pick some parts out of his garage. Looking forward to that!!!
I’m poooped. Good night y’all



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