Countdown to Rodeo Season!!!

Today I realized that, with all my friends on rodeo committee getting geared up for cook off and shows, that rodeo season is literally right around the corner!!!!  I think last year I went 8 nights… I doubt I can beat that this year, but I hope to go more than a couple!  I love love love rodeo and everything it entails…

Carnival and fried turkey legs..
Barrel racing..
Roping and wrestling..
Bull riding..
Country music…
and let’s not forget..

I seriously love the rodeo, and not for the concert.  There are lots of folks who skip all the actual rodeo events and just show up in time for the concert – lame!!!  Hopefully I can get into the Hideout to dance afterwards too 🙂  I went dancing twice this weekend and I wish I could go every weekend!!  Love me some Footloose and Copperhead Road.

Okay… end texas girl rant…. here’s a picture from country dancing last weekend… (i’m on the right)

Have a great week!



  1. I’ve heard really great things about the Houston rodeo. I have not been, but I really want to go. I’ve heard that one of the best parts is the endless amounts of food! I’m such a foodie…Idk what I would do without it lol.
    P.S. You look really pretty.


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