Career Stuff

The past 2 weeks I have been doing a lot of soul searching, mainly in the form of my career.  Kind of a lot of things have pointed me on this path, and they are hard to ignore.  My thoughts are still really jumbled and maybe one night soon I won’t be so tired from working late that I can actually pursue some of my thoughts.  Whew.

I haven’t been to crossfit in almost 2 weeks and it’s killer.  I have had some decent trainer time and rides.  So that’s good… I have Chinese dance practice this Sunday for 3 hours so that should be fun (..).  This weekend I am also going out for my birthday (I turned 24 yesterday) as well as going to my most recent roommate’s baby shower.  Boy (I should say girl), life sure does change quickly.

I promise I will get back to writing NON-personal things soon….. I think my articles are way better when it’s not just me complaining or rambling on about life.

Oh yeah… and the world must be ending, because today is the third day in 3 weeks that it’s snowed here (in Houston).  Freaking ridiculous.  I’m ready for bikini weather!!!


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