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Front Squat PR and 100 DUs for Time

Tonight we did 100 DU’s for time and maxed on Front Squat.

I “have” double unders, but I am very inconsistent… one minute I’ll do 15 in a row, the next I’m doing 1s and 2s.  We did 100 for time (my first time to do that) and I finished in 3 minutes, 24 seconds.  My goal was below 4 minutes, so I guess I did okay there.

Then, we maxed on front squat.  My previous 1RM was 120lbs, and considering how little I’ve worked on squat lately, I told myself I’d be happy just to get 120lbs.  I ended up maxing at 135lbs, I never failed so maybe I could have done 140 but I guess there’s no point in what-ifs!  Regardless, I didn’t feel that great about it.  My knees cave in and I lean forward some when I don’t get my elbows up properly, whenever I get heavy or tired.  I know that I did that rep low enough (everyone was watching), and I got back up, but I didn’t walk away feeling super strong.  I suppose a PR is a PR, though.  Yay for front squatting MORE than my body weight!

I think on Wednesday we are doing another max, but not sure what lift.  I really want to do a clean or snatch or some sort of press, because all of those I know I’ve improved a LOT from when I first started.  Looking at my PR page, I had 65lbs as my push press max…… well today I did 60 reps (sets of 6) push press at 75lbs sooooo I’m going to guess that I can do even more than that :)



  1. Sweet! Congratulations! I love PR days – granted, I don’t give myself Credit for a sloppy PR. I know some folks think I’m a kill joy when I stop pushing up once I feel my mechanics are caving – however, Max Load days are also max opportunity for injuries. If your mechanics fail, that means your neuromuscular adaptation to that load has not occurred – so you aren’t training the right physiological systems anyway with an ugly win. Hold yourself to high, personal standards and the journey will always have real meaning!


    1. thanks for the insight! today i maxed on deadlift… was disappointed that i only met my previous max (225#), but at 230 i could feel my back starting to cave and even though maybe i could have pulled it up, i probably would have killed my back. wise words, thanks!


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