Front Squat PR and 100 DUs for Time

Tonight we did 100 DU’s for time and maxed on Front Squat.

I “have” double unders, but I am very inconsistent… one minute I’ll do 15 in a row, the next I’m doing 1s and 2s.  We did 100 for time (my first time to do that) and I finished in 3 minutes, 24 seconds.  My goal was below 4 minutes, so I guess I did okay there.

Then, we maxed on front squat.  My previous 1RM was 120lbs, and considering how little I’ve worked on squat lately, I told myself I’d be happy just to get 120lbs.  I ended up maxing at 135lbs, I never failed so maybe I could have done 140 but I guess there’s no point in what-ifs!  Regardless, I didn’t feel that great about it.  My knees cave in and I lean forward some when I don’t get my elbows up properly, whenever I get heavy or tired.  I know that I did that rep low enough (everyone was watching), and I got back up, but I didn’t walk away feeling super strong.  I suppose a PR is a PR, though.  Yay for front squatting MORE than my body weight!

I think on Wednesday we are doing another max, but not sure what lift.  I really want to do a clean or snatch or some sort of press, because all of those I know I’ve improved a LOT from when I first started.  Looking at my PR page, I had 65lbs as my push press max…… well today I did 60 reps (sets of 6) push press at 75lbs sooooo I’m going to guess that I can do even more than that 🙂




  1. Sweet! Congratulations! I love PR days – granted, I don’t give myself Credit for a sloppy PR. I know some folks think I’m a kill joy when I stop pushing up once I feel my mechanics are caving – however, Max Load days are also max opportunity for injuries. If your mechanics fail, that means your neuromuscular adaptation to that load has not occurred – so you aren’t training the right physiological systems anyway with an ugly win. Hold yourself to high, personal standards and the journey will always have real meaning!


    • thanks for the insight! today i maxed on deadlift… was disappointed that i only met my previous max (225#), but at 230 i could feel my back starting to cave and even though maybe i could have pulled it up, i probably would have killed my back. wise words, thanks!


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