Tilapia & Zucchini – My paleo-friendly dinner

I decided to try my hand at posting a “how-to” … starting with the dinner I just made!  This meal is totally paleo, if you’re into that, and if not – it’s nothing crazy, just tilapia & zucchini!

Pan-Seared Tilapia & Zucchini

What you need:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Tilapia fillet(s)
  • 1 whole zucchini
  • Salt
  • 1 egg (cage-free)

What to do:


First, use a spoonful of coconut oil (paleo-approved and tasty) and heat it up in a pan.


Next, take your fresh tilapia and salt both sides.


And put it in said pan, on about medium heat.


Flip the fillet(s) until the tilapia is white, through and through. Nothing worse than uncooked fish..


While you are waiting on the tilapia, slice up your zucchini into thin pieces, about 1/4″ or less.


Take your egg..


And mix it in a bowl.


Add the zucchini and coat it with the egg. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!


Pan-fry the zucchini. I usually start around medium heat, and then take it down a notch to make sure the egg doesn’t burn. Cook until tender.


Yum! Add a glass of wine and you are set 🙂


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