My New Box – “So it is a cult”

So as mentioned previously, I recently moved and therefore found myself a new box.  I tried out several in this area, and whilst explaining to my friend that, “I’m playing goldilocks – finding the gym that’s not too big, not too small… just right.  You know, it’s like finding a church home.  It has to be the right atmosphere.”  To which she replied, “…So it is a cult!”


Haha.  So be it.  I did find my “just right” box, and tonight was my 4th time to work out there.  Although I only know like 4 people’s names, and I’ve lost some strength after my month off between crossfit gyms, I am really liking it!  Tonight reaffirmed that I made the right choice.  I stayed after for a bit and talked to one of the coaches and a few others, and it just felt like home.  I definitely miss my box back in the heights, but I’m glad I found this one!

My short term goals there are to get 50+ double unders in a row, and to perfect (see: re-learn) my pull up grip so that I’m not tearing so badly.  A coach told me that if I build gripping strength in my fingers rather than gripping with my hands, I won’t tear so much and it will actually allow me to be faster.  And although it feels really awkward and hard right now, I’m sure he is right.  It’s just like learning hook grip.  I used to hate it and feel like I was going to release the bar mid-clean, but now I hook grip on everything, even my small lifts.  Heck, I hook grip my steering wheel when driving my car.  Haha.  I told all of this to one of the coaches, and asked if they encouraged hook grip there (because one girl I asked had no idea what I was talking about), and he said yes they talk about it for heavy lifts, but it hasn’t really caught on.  And he said, “But I noticed your hook grip the first time you were in here.  Coaches notice that sort of thing.”  SCORE!

Anyway… It’s going to be a long night for me.  A little behind in my work and I need to meet with some guys in India, which means I need to work on their time zone.  Le sigh.


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