My Personal Gift Guide for Self-Care

Excited (and a little shy) to post my very first curated gift guide – all self-care themed! These are all items you would find *right now* on my very own bathroom shelf.

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Many of these are products I have loved and trusted for multiple years (like these California Mango hand+nail balms that not only smell amazing but also work miracles on extra dry/chapped skin).

I have also included a couple self-care must-haves that I discovered more recently but couldn’t leave out – after several months of regular use I have found them to be total game changers (looking at you, incredibly soft & machine washable makeup remover cloths)!

I would love to know – when it comes to self-care or your everyday beauty routine, what products are at the top of YOUR list? Whether it’s your fav tried-and-true face mask, or that teeth whitener you’ve been eyeing but waiting on Santa to finally give it a try, please share in the comments below!


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