Glam Meets Country w/ these Insta-worthy Cowgirl Boots

Insta-Worthy GLAM Country Western Boots

I may live in Colorado now but let’s face it – I’ll always be a Texas girl at heart.

Country western cowgirl boots are IN right now and I’m alllll about it 🤩🤩 Never in my life have I seen so many people wearing country-style boots in some shape or form as a fashion statement. Unfortunately there are probably SOME people out there who will take offense to this being on-trend and attempt to gate-keep cowboy boots to only those who have traditionally needed or otherwise owned a pair…. but I say, the more the merrier.

I already have a solid pair of dancing boots that are still in great shape (just got them a few years ago and let’s just say country dance halls were not on my list of activities during the height of all things ‘vid). I also own multiple pairs of work boots aka boots that are steel or composite-toed to meet safety requirements…. but what I DON’T have (and admittedly didn’t know I was missing until now) is what I can only think to classify as “GLAM” or fashion cowgirl boots.

Sequence, fray, glitter, bright colors – these are the design details that haven’t been celebrated or widely available in western-style boots until now. And in my humble opinion that’s the best part about style trends… increased demand often encourages more supply and/or variety of options in the market. You can still find your classic favorites from the top brands you know and love (still loyal forever Justin and Ariat), but now we’ve also got tons of fun options when you want to add some *sparkle*!

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