Healthy Snacking & Meal Planning

Super excited for how the first week of my eMeals 14 day trial went…. pictures and more explanation soon.  I feel like I can cook!!  You know how they say “happy wife, happy life” ? … I think it would totally make sense to add in something like “full hubby, more love-y” or something like that.  Needless to say, my fiancé is definitely in support of my new fresh, healthy, home-cooked meal venture!


Okay.  next thing.  I have realized that I am the WORST at snacking during the day.  No, I don’t mean that I snack too much.  It’s the opposite!  I feel hungry before lunch, and I feel hungry in the afternoon, sometimes so much that by the time I get home from work I am so hungry that I feel faint!  Sure, sometimes I DO go to the vending machine at work.  And no, those trips are never healthy.  But the point is, our bodies really need food more often than 2-3 meals a day in order to keep our metabolism high, and more importantly for us to have a constant source of energy!  I find myself very inconsistent in my energy levels.  Sometimes I feel like I am in my element, I am making a difference, and I am young & strong.  THen other times I feel desperately irritable, tired, stomach aching, so behind at work and suffering in my personal life.  I’m tired of the swings, and I’m sure those in my work / social circles are too.  So I’m trying this:  It is a subscription service for healthy, prepackaged, and appropriately portioned snacks.  I’m subscribed to the 8-count variety box every 2 weeks, which provides enough snacks to cover 4 out of my 5 workdays each week. You get to choose the type of box, the snacks you do and don’t like before they send anything, AND the frequency.  AND, your first box is free if you use my referral link!

I have to say, I never realized how much FOOD (a.k.a. your body & mind’s fuel source) affects your attitude and wellbeing!  I feel like it’s almost unfair how “easy” it is to benefit from simply fueling your body correctly.  Baby steps make it so much easier to commit.  The only hard part is starting 🙂




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