Get Me Out of the Hotel and into Beatbox Fitness

Beatbox Fitness

Although I wish I could get on my bike every day, sometimes my work schedule / travel schedule / mother nature gets in the way 😦  I just got back in Houston, after spending the last week in the middle-of-nowhere, TX.  Haha.  Actually, the hotel wasn’t bad… the hotel gym was on the better end of the spectrum for sure!  The only annoying thing was all of the distractions… There was some soft music in the background, a guy lifting weights with his iphone music playing his Latin jams, and a big TV showing a baseball game that one treadmill-runner was really into… he ran the entire time with controller in hand, volume ramped up just enough to hear over Pitbull.  My little earbuds were pretty much no competition, so I did my cardio listening to a pretty odd collection of “entertainment”… ah, the joys of travelling.  Regardless, I’m glad I got to get my sweat on!

I found this instagram page with motivational fitness quotes and what I would classify as “fit-spiration”… pretty much the stuff I always use to pump myself up when I’m feeling lazy or discouraged.  Anyway, this page is actually run by a new cardio kickboxing venue called Beatbox Fitness in NYC, and it sounds pretty cool.  Houston needs to pay attention to the latest and greatest fitness industry idea: instead of playing the top-40 hits from 5 years ago that everyone drowns out with their own headphones anyway, why not treat the gym a little less like a Forever 21 and a little more like one big, energized get-yo-sweat-on cardio party?!  I love kickboxing… I took a semester-long course in college, and talk about a full body workout!  Plus, it’s like dancing… you have fun and burn calories at the same time!  Can’t really beat that…. no pun intended 🙂

I haven’t been to New York in a couple years now, but Melvin & I have talked about going there for New Years Eve before…. if at all possible, definitely going to put this place on my list!  No thanks to the hotel gym “DJs” – I want to check out the live DJ cardio party at Beatbox Fitness!


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