Day 1 of my 21 day eating challenge

Yesterday I completed Day 1 of my challenge.  I ate 5 meals (3 400-ish calorie meals plus 2 200-ish calorie snacks) plus a protein shake after my crossfit workout, and a power bar in the evening.  Outside of when I bought the power bar while running some errands, I was not hungry at all.  The concept of 5 meals spread throughout the day really works for me.  I will say that I had a bad headache last night, but I think I was just tired.  I fell asleep pretty quickly by 10:30pm.

Today is Day 2, and I’m feeling pretty good.  It’s really not hard to eat clean when you are eating so often and aren’t hungry enough to give in to temptation.  This evening I am planning to get in a long run (6+ miles) so I can get a feel for my pace for this weekend.  I have the Texas Independence Relay, and one of my legs is about 7 miles.  I honestly haven’t run that far in one go in a while, so that’s why I want to get a feel for it.  I should be fine, so long as my IT band doesn’t act up.  After the relay, I want to get new running shoes… it’s about time.  I just didn’t want to get new ones right before the race.

Little bit of a dry post, I know.  More colorful updates to come!

PS – Today at work I found out I will be travelling to California in May and Canada in July.  Woohoo!



  1. Hope your IT band corporates. I too have issues with mine when I run. I use a foam roller, which helps, but I’m working on stretching it too. Have fun in Cali! I went last summer (San Diego) and loved it.


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