Coding, Crossfit, Publicity, & RSS

I’ve spent most of my day building a website for an internal group at work.  I know most of the basic stuff, but the data migration and formatting they need were a bit challenging so it’s been rad learning new things all day.  Mostly reading “for dummies” articles which are actually awesome.  I love learning new things.

Tonight at crossfit I did 110lbs for a split jerk 1RM.  I think if I got lower I would def be able to do more, especially since I really pressed out the weight at the top.  I’m glad I’m getting back into the swing of things at the gym, although I was pretty winded after our 400m sprints.  That’s really sad because I’m usually the runner of the lot.  (I wasn’t actually slow, but I was pretty out of breath at the end of the WOD due to the running.)

I also realized that I am on the front page of Pact’s website (previously called GymPact), which is an app I’ve written about several times here.  I was part of their beta group for their latest launch, too, so it’s kind of cool to be a smal part of something that’s catching on pretty big.

Lastly, quick question – does anyone still use RSS feeds around here?  It seems like a lot of social media platforms have replaced readers… but I’d be curious to see who still uses it to fully customize their “news feed” from all sources.

Almost the weekend,



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