Blogging Communities – Are You Really Missing Out?

WordPress bloggers – I love following (most) of your articles.  But really, what’s the advantage of being a part of a “blogosphere” outside of the free hosting?  Personally, I think the WordPress “news feed” is pretty outdated.  It’s just not dynamic.  Everything shows up in chronological order, with no regard to relevance or popularity.  The “freshly pressed” page has some interesting stuff, but if you were to stay within the perimeters of WordPress, you’d be missing out on a lot of great writing and information.

I think that it’s nice to be a part of a blogging community to find and follow other bloggers with the same interests as you, as well as gain a great foundation of support for your own writing.  I do wish it were easier for non-Wordpress folks to follow your stuff, outside of email subscriptions (everyone gets enough email, really).  And, more importantly, to interact with your writing.  How do you keep people coming back for more?  I use Twitter to share articles, but it’s just so fleeting.  We need a more dynamic, interactive infrastructure for blogging, that is open to the NON-bloggers as well.  Pretty much, where people can sign in through their facebook or twitter to comment on WP articles.  Maybe I’m missing something here…. but just a thought.


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