I Do What I Want

Hmm. I haven’t posted in a few days. I’m in a weird mood that has lasted since then.
Not a bad mood, but a different mood. Maybe I’ll adopt it as an attitude.
It’s called I Do What I Want.
It started with deleting my Facebook on a whim. You might think FB gives you access to the world, but actually it doesn’t. It ties you down. It subtly causes you to be indirectly involved in everyone’s lives. And I’m not saying it’s always bad, but if you want some freedom to be cut off from the world outside of your inner circle, Facebook is a distraction. I don’t even miss it. I mean I probably will re-activate it at some point because my team’s communication is thru Facebook, but right now I’m not even caring about that.
This weekend I went out, went out of town, got some stuff done at the house, found a cool new band. Yesterday I rode my bike during lunch and then went trail running with the pup after work.
Today, work and a rather interesting Influencing workshop, and then did dinner at a friend’s house.
Life is good.





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