WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org

I have a good feel for the cost and feature differences between WordPress.com-hosted sites and those built using WordPress.org, but does anyone who made the switch see any real advantage other than having more control?  If you have experience with this, please comment!  I am considering making the switch this weekend now that I am fairly well versed in WordPress… But I’m not sure how I would personally use an externally-hosted domain and the plug-ins available to my advantage.  Thanks in advance!




  1. I started self hosted and have been wondering if I may be missing out on any traffic that might come as a result of being part of the official wordpress network…while im not going to say Im “well versed” as my blog is 2 weeks old, i will say that I have a pretty good understanding of the concept of the differences. Unless your going for something super specific or technical, spend your time on content, wait until you need to do work you dont wanna do…if it aint broken, dont fix it? – shameless plug: pellmellism.com


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