And Then I Got Paid To Clean Their Fish Tank



Yes, I have a college degree.  And a job.  And neither of them have to do with fish.

But when thinking about something to do “on the side,” and then picking up Chinese food and staring at this nasty aquarium with yellowed water and otherwise beautiful fish swimming around in their own muck, I couldn’t help but think – Would they pay me to clean that thing?

I didn’t ask.  But FACT – I wanted to be a marine biologist for a time growing up.  And FACT – I have years of experience building, maintaining, obsessing over, and cleaning fish tanks, large and small.  Fresh water and salt water.  I can tell you which fish are compatible with which based on aggressive or community tendencies, and how many of which fish can comfortably (see: survive) populate a tank of a certain size.  I have done breeding experiments for certain colors and attributes, and I even did a “fish intelligence” olympics for a science fair one year.  And I was the one who stayed after school in junior high cleaning out the science teacher’s classroom aquarium.  I know I was am weird.  Whatever.

Anyway, so I decide tonight to reach out and see if I got an bites (see what I did there?) on an aquarium cleaning service, for home or business.  And within an hour, I already have an appointment to clean out a 50 gallon tank on Saturday!  I’m totally under-charging, and she also wants me to completely redecorate the aquarium while I’m at it, but I figure this will be a good brush up on my skills and then who knows!  Because seriously…. who wants to stare at fish swimming in their own waste in murky water with a thick layer of algae covering the walls of the tank…. while they are eating sushi?  No thanks!!!

Making the world a better place, one fish tank at a time.

Oh, life.  Ha ha ha



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