Obsessive Posting


This is my 3rd post in 2 days (record!) and I’ll tell you why. My brain has been thinking out of the box for these reasons:

1. Recent job change. A month ago, I started a new job which has me actually engaging in face to face human contact. (My previous job did not.. In fact, I hadn’t even met my manager, who lived in a different state, even after being there a year.) Being around (very smart) people as well as facing the steep learning curve of a new job, plus off-loading my previous position, has been really exciting but also stressful. Brain: ON.

2. I traveled. Internationally. With others from a variety of backgrounds. This is in the job description of my new role (❤❤❤❤). For 2 weeks I was in Mexico working long hours but also soaking in the culture and learning about other people’s lives and perspectives. For example, one there guy from India (and this applies sill to many other Indians in the US) still lives with his parents. Or rather, his parents live with him. Usually when a woman gets married, then she leaves her house and moves in with her in-laws. Until tht point, she has been living with her parents. Gosh, can you imagine all of the money savings? To be perfectly honest, $1000/month in savings for me is totally worth living at home for a few months or even years. A little bit of me thinks it’s “not fair” that they get a cultural excuse to do this without looking like failures. I know I know, maybe failure is an extreme word, but I would have never even considered living at home after high school… That’s for “losers who can’t find jobs.” Maybe not the case after all.

3. I’m trying to change my life. Basically in two ways: Body and Finances. I have been making significant progress in the fitness category, but not so much with food. I wish that eating a salad gave you the same endorphins as killing a workout. Yes I know it makes you feel better, but it’s usually a delayed effect! As far as finances go, I’ll say right now that I tallied up my personal debt (including car loan, student loans, and a tiny amount of credit card debt) and I’m at $65,300. Yeah. Seriously.. student loans are rough and I resent people whose parents send them off to college with paid tuition and a credit card. I’ve been paying down debt for a year now (since I graduated college), and the monster has only grown. Probably contributes to 90% of my daily stress level.

So that’s my life right now.



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