Money, Money, Money


So I was in negotiations at the Jeep dealership until 10pm last night over an incredible Jeep Patriot, but walked away “until Monday morning” after deciding to try to sell my car private party quickly rather than trading it in for less…

I’m telling you, after looking at 10+ vehicles yesterday, Im pretty sure this is “the one.”

But then I talked to my boyfriend and slept on it.

And now I’m not so sure.  And then I started watching Dave Ramsey videos.  And now I’m sure that no matter how much this is my “dream car” (but still reasonable in the sense that it gets decent gas mileage), I still can’t afford it if I’m taking on additional debt.  Not to mention that I’m currently upside-down with my current vehicle, which will add to the top of my car loan.

I know, now that I’ve spelled it out, it seems stupid.  Now I’m positive that if I buy my little jeep, it definitely needs to be used, and definitely should be less than $!5,000.  (Not the $21,000 I was planning to spend).  And to be honest, I did find a used 2012 with 12K miles on it for $14488.  But…. if I’m going to be smart, really I should just start putting away cash as I pay off more of my current car loan.  OR… I could always sell my car, pay off what I would still owe on top of it (probably around $3000), and drive my old beat up mustang that I gave (literally) to my little brother last year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that car, but it has 130,000 miles on it and I was having to make hundreds of dollars in repairs each month.  But what’s better, being debt-free (only in the car department) and getting worse gas mileage and putting money into a junker, or paying $360/month for a great car that I really hate??  Sigh.  It seems like I’m always waiting for “some day”….

Feel free to share your tips and tricks for becoming debt-free or just every day savings!  In general, i’m pretty thrifty at the grocery store, clothes, etc.  It’s the big bills that seem hard to change :/



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