Fitness Discount Sites I Totally Love

I thought I would share some websites I check almost daily – they offer GREAT deals on all of the workout gear I need (cycling, running, even crossfit)!

1. ChainLove
First and foremost, I am totally addicted to Mostly directed at cyclists, it offers one deal at a time, for a limited time. So, maybe they will have race bibs (normally $150) on sale for $65…. for the next 15 minutes. I have it on my favorites bar and click on it randomly throughout the day. It’s sort of exciting, and the products are legit. If you ride bikes- check it out!

2. The Clymb
The Clymb is AWESOME. I actually had to unsubscribe from their daily emails because I was spending so much money here. They have a huge selection of heavily discounted gear for any sport or fitness activity under the sun. Although there are limited quantities and a lot of stuff does sell out, you usually have between 3-7 days to decide on a purchase. Also, they recently started offering “getaway” deals for adventures all over the globe. Definitely on my to-do list. My personal invite link is here.

Now I ask you – do you have any awesome discount websites to share? I’ve been looking for one more directed at CrossFit, but it seems they like to keep things as expensive as possible 😉 Please share in the comments section!



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