2017 Bicycle Tour of Colorado – Driving from Texas to Colorado

We left Houston, TX around 3 pm, loading up into a sizeable RV with bikes coming from both ends.  That’s mine right at the very front! 

There are 12 of us going on this trip, so that’s a lot of bikes (and a lot of people for an RV).  The first part of the drive was mainly everyone exploring the RV features, figuring out how to do stuff (like get the AC to work, thank God), and getting as comfortable as we could.

We stopped only at gas stations (boy, RVs use a lot of gas!) and then got to our first “destination” of Midland, TX around 2am.  We stayed the night inside Paxton’s house (who is joining us for the adventure) and got a few hours of cool sleep.

Now, we take off on Day 2 as we get closer to our starting point of Pagosa Springs, Colorado!

Xo- Becca 


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