Feeling Crafty & Making Goals



I am determined to do whatever I can to bring in some extra cash, so that hopefully I can be debt-free in the next couple years and save up to buy a house!  That being said, I have started making some jewelry (and other craft ideas are in the works) and I opened up a little Etsy shop.  I’ve never sold anything on Etsy before, so any tips would be appreciated!  Also, as I add more to my store, please let me know if you have any requests or ideas for me 🙂  My goal is to add some bike-related pieces as well, especially with the Tour starting!!  I always have struggled to find cute cycling-themed decor, so maybe I can take on that market!

Still learning for now, but I would appreciate it if you would check out my store (linked above under the photo)!!

More to come – I need to update on this year’s Bicycle Tour of Colorado, which was last week!  It was awesome of course… perhaps why I feel inspired to make my dreams happen 😉




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