Tour of Flanders


While I was not able to get on a bike myself, I did win the work trip timing lottery and was in Belgium during the Spring Classics.  A connection in the cycling community, who is originally from Texas and now lives in Oudenaarde, gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and let me tag along on a Tour of Flanders VIP chase trip!! 

If you don’t know anything about the a Tour of Flanders (Ronde Vonde Vlanderaane as they call it), it’s a one-day race that could be the equivalent of belgium’s Super Bowl.  Over 2 millions people go out to line up alongside the race, supporting their favorite pro cycling team or waving flags.
Previous to this, I had never even seen a pro cycling tour or race, so the entire thing was new to me.  It was insane!

I met the group in Brugge, where the start line is and all the rider and their bikes, busses and support vehicles are parked ( displayed) in early morning race day preparations.

We chased the riders and were able to watch the peloton pass 8 different times!




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