What to do with a month in Europe?

In 3 days I head overseas (again) to Brussels for work. Work is work, but I definitely can’t complain about the location!
Last September was my first time to travel to Europe (also for work). I took some time at the tail end of my trip to travel solo a bit, which was definitely an adventure.  I even got a hold of a bike in the city  and stayed at the ChainStay, a cycling house located in the town famous for the Tour of Flanders for those racing abroad.

Unfortunately I do not have any bike riding or racing plans, but it sounds like I’m going to be in Belgium right when all the pro race action starts up! I need to look into it, but hopefully I can catch a race one weekend! 

My travel schedule looks like this:

March 27-April 15 Brussels, Belgium

April 15-18 Hamburg, Germany 

April 18-20 Venice, Italy

April 20-21 Brussels/day trip to Paris, France

April 21 fly home

I’ve spent some time in various cities of Belgium, and half a day in Paris (not enough!), but everything else will be new to me. If anyone has suggestions for weekend destinations by train, or other must-sees, please comment 🙂

Meanwhile, Texas is trying to persuade me to stay put- after weeks of rain and blah, this week is incredibly beautiful! My view right now (from my work-day walk around the lake): 



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