The Other Side of Travel: Working Out on the Road

2014 has been a fabulous year. I’ve tried to include at least a glimpse of some of the awesome trips I’ve taken and adventures I’ve been on. However, hardly at all have I mentioned the other side of my travel…. For work.


Although I just came out of a month-long “break,” I travel quite frequently for my job, and usually for a couple weeks at a time. I enjoy it for now, but traveling a lot does definitely affect (and sometimes interrupt) your normal routine – especially when it comes to eating habits and working out.
I consider three options for working out on the road:
Running or Biking Outdoors
I put this one on the top of my list, because it is my favorite option if it’s possible. I have been focusing a lot on my cycling, but it is really the least feasible to execute. If my travel is within driving distance from my home (i.e. 5 hours or less), I’ll take a car rather than plane and bring my cycling gear – bike, shoes, kits, helmet, etc. Cycling in different places can be really interesting, it gives you the opportunity to ride in a different landscape/topography, and there are almost always community cycling groups to connect with for route advice (or even a group ride recommendation!). Of course, sometimes it’s just not possible to drive or fit a bike..
In that case, a pair of running shoes is the way to go. However, you need to check out a few things before taking off from your hotel room:
1. What is the weather like? If it’s much colder or hotter than you are accustomed to, make sure you have the appropriate attire and hydration. In some cases, the weather could make it dangerous for you to run the same distance or time that you are used to.
2. How safe is the area? Consider the location of your hotel – are you near a residential area, or a high-traffic road? Are there crosswalks at intersections you may reach? Is the area well lit at night? Sometimes it’s also helpful to ask the locals for advice on safe running spots. If you are traveling for work, of course you can also ask your coworkers/clients!

The Hotel (or Local) Gym
Many hotels have some type of fitness area available. Check it out, and see if it meets your needs. Also note the condition of the equipment. If you have a home gym membership with many branches, I would recommend searching for a location near you. I have a 24 Hour Fitness membership, and with my membership I get access to all locations. If the gym you are already paying for can benefit you while traveling, why not take advantage of the larger (and usually nicer) space? When I’m at a gym, I’ll usually do some treadmill running, abs, and upper/lower body strength work.

Your Hotel Room
Sometimes you’re too tired to leave or unable to access a free gym in the area you’re visiting. That’s okay!!! Some of my best workouts have been in the privacy of my hotel room. These are, of course, mainly body weight exercises. My secret weapon here is a Pinterest. Simply search “hotel workout” and you’ll get an unlimited supply of routines. Popular excersise a include squats, lunges, planks, and push-ups. As a bonus, sometimes I will walk/jog up and down the hotel exit stairs for a predetermined amount of time (10-20 minutes will get you sweating). Like I said, sometimes these hotel room workouts can be the most productive since you are alone without distractions.

Additional “rules” I live by when on the road:
Never miss a Monday, or whatever your first full day of stay is.
Don’t forget your headphones and favorite playlist… Blasting music on your laptop in your room may get you more complaints than you think.
Prepare a workout plan before you start. Get your routine from pinterest or your personal training plan or your head and put it on a piece of paper so that you know exactly when you are finished. It can be easy to leave early or overdo it if you are in a new place.

That’s it! Do you have any more suggestions from your own on-the-road experiences? Please share in the comments šŸ™‚



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