Yesterday I had a slight diversion from my eating regimen – it was my friend’s birthday and we went to dinner.  I drank only water and split fajitas with her, so not too bad.  I only ate a little bit of queso and chips (I held out for a long time but finally had some after we ordered our food).  But then after dinner we went to have celebratory champagne and cake….. Okay, and yes I did have ONE glass of sparkling wine and a small piece of cake.  There goes my cheat night for the week!

It’s funny…. this morning I woke up extremely sluggish and I’m still not fully awake at 9am.  I can’t tell if it is because I’m sore from workouts, recovering from my cheat meal (that would be sad), or my LACK OF COFFEE.  I could totally go for coffee right now……………. ugh.  But I will hold out.  Today is Day 4.  I can do this!

Another note – as far as the My Fit Foods meals go – some of them are wayyy too spicy for me.  Seriously.  Hopefully next week I can get some milder dishes!


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