My First Crossfit Competition (kind of)

Although the Open starts in a few days, my box is hosting a “Battle of the Boxes” – it’s a partner competition with teams from 2 boxes, with proceeds donated to a kid with Neuroblastoma.  So it isn’t like a huge competition, but it will be my first time to do Crossfit in more than a workout setting.

I am partnering with a girl who is pretty strong (stronger than me, and we are the same size), and who also excels at cardio (like me).  We are pretty confident that we have a good chance because of this.  We’ve partnered before on Saturday workouts and can drill through a WOD well.  I’m excited – we should be a good team.

On that note, this also means I need to go to crossfit.  Haha.  I’ve had an INSANE past 7 days, and after I finish with my test today (Part 2 of the CIA), I can go back.  Actually I’m considering going during lunch today.  Maybe it will be good before my exam.  We’ll see.

I got an interview for a position at a small tech start-up in Austin.. They asked me to come in to the office on Thursday (in 2 days!!!) but I’m not sure yet if I can actually do that because I’m in fieldwork and it would require me to take a half-day.  (Austin is a 3 hour drive one way.)  Anyway, exciting that I’m getting these interview opportunities.

Happy Tuesday.



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