Drained to the Point of Delirium

I am so tired… I’ve had an emotionally draining couple of weeks. Then throw working at all hours of the night into the mix. And top it off with studying for my CIA exam… Very little sanity around here.
Well, I am proud to say I passed the first part of the CIA. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty tough! I was shaking when I left and the lady handed me the sheet with my results.. I didn’t look at it til I was sitting in my car, and I’ve never been so happy to see a four lettered word: PASS!
Now to catch up with workpapers “due” in the morning, and as for the rest of my life…. That’s gonna take a bit to sort out. I’m honestly just hoping for some sleep.
Oh yeah.. And tomorrow will be the 2nd time in one week that Houston’s getting snow. Is the world ending? Sure as hell seems like it.





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