Emotional Accountability – I stopped drinking Alcohol.

A great perspective.

Cakehole Management

First off – NO – I am not an Alcoholic!  I didn’t stop drinking because of any issues – I stopped drinking as part of my evolution as a Cakehole Manager.  After going from Paleo to Zone – I slowly started drinking less and then I found myself just having a drink in social settings and on weekends, well because – you know, that’s what we do.  Finally, I decided to just stop drinking.  Two months later – no real issues.

Tonight, I attended my first Happy Hour since I stopped boozing it up.  I actually was a little anxious, but show’d up, ordered a Perrier w/ a lime twist and there you go. I had a good time and I know I will wake up feeling purty good and not beat up and contaminated.  So why do I not drink and why do I think I’ll never drink again:

  • It hurts.

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