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For all of you crossfit crazies out there –

As you know, I’m a huge advocate of iphone fitness apps.  Until recently, I primarily used apps for running and cycling, and “GymPact” to track how many times I made it to the gym.. However, I have lacked a place to easily log my Crossfit workouts and get any feedback as to how I was progressing statistically.  About a month ago, when I joined a new Crossfit gym in this area, I was introduced to Beyond the Whiteboard, which is a totally awesome place to log pre-loaded workouts by your box.  So basically all you have to do is sign in and “fill in the blank” with your time, or any scaling you did on the Rx’d workout.  You can see how you compare to your gym buddies and find a comprehensive summary of your results and programming.  The website provides a lot more than the app, though, so I prefer to load it there.


I’m still rather new to BTW, but I do know that, unless your gym pays for it (mine does), the service is not free.  There is a “free” app, but you pay monthly to use it.  So recently I found another app, WODmetrics, which is 99 cents to download and then free to use.  WODmetrics is focused on providing a platform for logging and comparing the benchmark Crossfit workouts – “The Girls” and Hero WODs.  You can filter by age, weight, gender, etc. to see how you rank within the Crossfit community.  It’s a fairly new app, and word is that soon they will be added the option for tracking your one rep maxes on different lifts and more.  For a flat fee of 99 cents, that’s pretty cool.

WODmetrics WODmetrics WODmetrics

WODmetrics is still relatively young, with lots of room to grow, but I think it’s a great resource for those who want to check out their progress on a variety of benchmarks.

Do you currently use a smartphone app to track your workouts and/or benchmarks? 

Bonus – I have a free download code for WODmetrics… the first person to comment gets it 🙂


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