Why Dreaming Isn’t Good Enough


I came upon this “inspiring” quote today, and immediately felt compelled to correct Sir Walt Disney’s statement.

Sure, if you keep believing in your dreams, you won’t give up dreaming. But just because you didn’t give up dreaming about something doesn’t mean it will come true.

You can’t just hope and pray and really, really want it and then *poof* karma has your back and grants you your wish because you have been so patient and committed to dreaming! You really wanted this, princess, and never took “no” for an answer… Here you go!

Um, no. Dreams are dreams. Dreams are dreams until you have intentionally put together a plan of actions toward your “dream.” That is the moment your “dream” becomes something real and attainable – a goal.

Goals are the only way to purposefully fulfill a dream, because goals include deadlines and the idea that you can be successful or fail miserably – but at least you know where you are.

In addition, goals require hard work. Dirty work. Work that no one would do willingly unless something else made it worth it. Goals require time and effort and a commitment. And usually days of “screw this” and setbacks and tears. But what success story hasn’t seen it’s days of failure? If it was easy, why was it your dream in the first place?

Dreams-come-true don’t just fall into someone’s lap by chance or accident. And sorry princes and princesses, life isn’t fair and no one thinks you’re as unique and special as your mommy tells you you are. It’s up to you to make it happen.. And why not start today?



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