Are wine bottles getting smaller, or is it just me?

Ah, lovely home-cooked dinner tonight (And leftovers for lunch and probably dinner tomorrow night, too).  My usual – steak & asparagus.  Wanted to add in some red potatoes but I don’t have any garlic and I think it will be lacking without.  

My NEW usual is also a glass of wine.  Riesling, usually.  Or maybe white zinfandel.  For someone who hardly drinks or goes out, and is pretty much drunk after 3 beers, I am really starting to embrace this new love for wine.  I need to start remembering brands, though.  I can never remember what brand I like best… I just go to the store and pick up a bottle that looks cool and is under $10.  Haha.  Could probably work on getting a little classier 🙂

I hope everyone had a great weekend – I was out at our bayhouse this weekend with my dog, sister, dad, and uncle.  Great fishing and great weather.



Have a great Sunday night!





  1. I love Riesling. Do you like the sweeter ones or the ones that are a bit dryer? One of my favorites is Chateu St. Michele, I think it runs in the $15 range? For a cheap bottle I like the Schmitt Stone or Relax brands. 🙂


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