Reebok Crossfit Nano Speeds


Not too long ago, I bought myself a shiny new pair of Reebok CrossFit Nano Speeds.  I was super excited because this signified my acceptance of my love for CrossFit, and my transition out of “runner/cyclist doing crossfit on the side” to “I actually like Crossfit and I want to be a badass.”  Honestly, I was tired of putting the wear and tear and extra miles on my running shoes.

So I bought a pair from my local Luke’s Locker and happily showed up to my box.  No one else at my gym had them yet, and one of my female coaches actually went out and bought a pair that same weekend because she thought they looked awesome, and she was still rocking the 2.0’s.

Well…. there seems to be a correlation between when I work out in my speeds, and my right foot cramping really bad.  I thought it was a lack of water, or a lack of potassium, but it still happens probably once a week.  And it’s to the point that now I just wear my running shoes again.  I went back to Luke’s Locker and asked if the shoes were inherently narrow or what… but it turns out that I most likely bought the wrong size 😦  They are size 7 and usually I wear 7.5, but at the time when I was trying them on, the guy told me that they usually ran a little big and I was happy with that at the time.  Sigh….

I think these are great shoes, but like Inov8s, they run long and narrow.  Unfortunately, they just aren’t working for me.  Guess it’s on to the next one!



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