After looking at OVER 20 apartments in 4 days, I have finally decided where to live!  It is out of the city (*tear*) but it is super affordable and in a GREAT location!  Most excited about the fact that 1) it is 5 miles from work (current commute is 29 miles each way), and 2) the roads are WONDERFUL for cycling!  And there is a park nearby with awesome mountain bike trails and running trails!  I am so so relieved!  And seriously – it is for a great price!  🙂

I’ve been eating pretty well – I have a headache from the garlic steamed califlower I attempted to cook (And attempted to eat) – fail on both and now my house STINKS 😦

Okay… gonna go workout!  It’s already almost 8 oclock and I haven’t done anything except eat!


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