Blogging 101

Clearly, I have failed so far at keeping a blog. Trying to get into a habit of logging into this thing.
Update to my last post: I did successfully complete the strict paleo challenge. I lost about 8lbs in 2 weeks and felt pretty good, although I was very tired and showed symptoms of the infamous “carb flu.” I have since returned to a more mainstream diet, although I have cut back on processed foods significantly. Eating more meat has gotten much much easier – but I am so happy to have my fruit back.

As an update, I have taken a new position at work which I will be starting July 31. It is a risk to be moving groups after only 1 year, but I think I will enjoy the job better than what I’ve been doing because I get to travel some and work with people instead of just numbers and excel spreadsheets. Regardless, I will admit that I still feel a sense of dread toward my job. Working on it..

I rode 75 miles on Saturday with my team, which was fantastic. The most I’ve ridden in several months, probably since this year’s MS150. There is a Colorado mountain bike trip this coming week, and although I’ve taken off work, I’m not sure if it’s a great idea to take vacation right now. Sigh.

I was in California for July 4th weekend (for 6 days, actually), spending time with my sweet boyfriend. I miss him so much and part of me wants to quit my job and move there tomorrow. No, yesterday. Haha. So much uncertainty, and it weighs on me. One day at a time.

CrossFit is going well. It seems like I am constantly PRing, and I’ve been working on skills, such as double unders and handstand push-ups. I still can’t get strict pull-ups. But I feel like I’m improving every time I walk in the gym, which is encouraging. Also, multiple people have commented lately on how “lean” I look, and a kid on my team told me, “Ms. Rebecca, you have guns!” Haha.

This past weekend I got work done on 3 bikes: track, mtb, and road. I am really excited. More zoned in bike fits, new components, etc. Becoming one with the bike is a great feeling.

That’s all I have for now. I think I may add a “Crossfit PRs” tab on this blog. Maybe keep track of what my one-rep maxes are for different lifts and show my progress.

Happy Monday to all.


EDIT: See above where I said I can’t get strict pull-ups. Today at the noon class, I tried and I did 2 unbroken!!!!! Yay 🙂


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